About Us


We aim to connect organic Consumers and organic food Sellers worldwide.


Locally or across the ocean.


An Organic Food Story For All!

What We'll Do

We will match Farmers, Distributors, and  Consumers, locally and worldwide,  according to their very specific organic interests: milk, rye bread, carrots, coconut, lamb chops, etc.

What You Will Do With Our Help

  • To buy or offer to sell an item, you will use your computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone at any time 24/7.
  • All members of the Network will register once a year; Consumers are free; for Sellers the annual fee is small, even for small businesses.
  • Once Buyers and Sellers have made contact--through our service-- they negotiate price, packaging, and delivery terms.  The Network has no part in this.

Register for the Role You Will Play

What's Organic?

When Sellers register, they list on their registration page--open for all Network members to see--the organic standards they follow (by country and/or worldwide)  and declare that the items they offer meet those standards.

Why Register Today?

To win the funding we seek, to make The Organic Food Network a reality, we need your approval, so that we can show an angel investor that what we offer is truly wanted and needed!  When you click on the role you play (see above) , you will be taken to a description of the role.  The page will contain a form asking for your name and email.  Both will be kept confidential, only used to provide us with the numbers we seek and a way to notify you when we will be operational.

Tell Other Organic Food Enthusiasts

Please share this site, not only with organic food lovers near by, but those no matter in what country they live, for we aim to be a worldwide service.  Thank You!


The first few role-player pages appear on the navigation bar (see at the very top).  To find your role-player page, either (1) click on your role above) or click farther up on More on the navigation bar at the top.