As a Farmer, when you join The Organic Food Network, your interests and needs will vary from time to time.  Yet day and night, 24/7, using your computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, you can choose from numbers of organic items you want to  buy for your organic production, plus items you sell--and where to find both sellers and buyers.

What Organic Items Do You Want to Buy?

  • Seeds
  • Feed
  • Compost
  • Fowl
  • Livestock

What Organic Items Do You Want to Sell?

You will choose from these categories for specific  item you sell:

  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Live Animals
  • Live Fowl
  • Live Marine Creatures
  • Seeds
  • Dairy

How You Sell?

The Organic Food Network offers ways for buyers to reach you, and you to reach them:

  • Sell from a stand on your farm
  • Sell to  organic food processors
  • Sell from a farmers market
  • Sell to wholesalers
  • Sell to stores
  • Sell to restaurants

What About Food Processing?

If you process items significantly before offering them to buyers (other sellers or consumers), to effectively reach markets, you may also need to register as an Organic Food Processor (I am a Food Processor).

Extra Needs and Preferences

Both Sellers and Consumers may choose Required or Preferred:

  • Locally Grown--(within a specified mile- or kilometer radius)
  • Kosher--(prepared to Jewish requirements)
  • Halal--(prepared to Mohammedan requirements)
  • Biodynamic--(cultivated to international biodynamic requirements)

To Make This Story Come Alive--Our Story and Yours

To affirm your willingness to participate, so we can tell others, please share your name and email address (We need only numbers to show the prospective angel investor.  We'll keep names and addresses private).  When we receive funding, and again when the website is ready for you to register your specific organic interests, we'll contact you.

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